The Wedding

Tim and Andi are gettin' married!!

Tim and Andrea met 4 years ago through mutual friends and we’ve been exploring life together ever since. These years have been full: we have worked very hard to learn how to love one another better, we’ve been brainstorming how to live a farm-based life that still allows time and space for adventure and we have big dreams of a grounded family life with little ones, dear friends, family and furry pets and farm animals abounding.

Andrea and Tim feel so incredibly blessed to have you all be a part of our life. We have given a lot of thought to what kind of wedding we want to have and it has become very clear that we want all of you there: to bear witness, to laugh with us, to celebrate with us and to share this incredibly precious moment in life. We hope there will be space in your busy lives to come and relax with us over the week-end at Camp Ton-A-Wandah (September 26 – 28). There is room for everyone to stay, we have many fun activities planned, some delicious food on the menu, and lots of time set aside to catch up with all of you.