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CONTENTS 1. What is Gallery? 2. How do I install Gallery on Unix if I have shell access? 3. How do I install Gallery on Unix if I only have FTP access? 4. How do I install Gallery on Windows? 5. My webserver doesn't have NetPBM! Help! Aiee! 6. How do I customize Gallery? 7. How do I use Gallery as a PHP-Nuke 5.0/6.0 or Post-Nuke Module? 8. I can't upload large files! 9. Known problems 10. HELP!! WHERE DO I GO FOR HELP? 1. WHAT IS GALLERY? Gallery is a web based photo album viewer/creator. For the latest information, check out the web site: 2. HOW DO I INSTALL GALLERY IF I HAVE SHELL ACCESS? Installing and configuring Gallery is done via a set of web pages. To enable these web pages you need to log onto your web server using telnet or (preferably) ssh, go to the gallery directory and at the prompt (which usually ends in '%' or '$') type: sh Then go to the main Gallery URL and it will drop you into the configuration wizard. This will walk you through the process of configuring Gallery. When you're done, type: sh And it will turn off the configuration application. Gallery won't run if it is not in secure mode. 3. HOW DO I INSTALL GALLERY IF I HAVE ONLY FTP ACCESS? The process is pretty much the same as if you have shell access. The complicating factor is that you can't run the 'configure' and 'secure' shell scripts. You'll have to simulate running the scripts by using FTP commands. In order to FTP Gallery up to your web server you'll need to unpack it locally and then use FTP to copy it file at a time to the web server. The first time you configure it, you'll need to create two special files called "config.php" and ".htaccess" on the remote server. The easiest way to do this is to create an empty file (we'll call it "empty-file") on your local machine. Then upload that file as both "config.php" and ".htaccess" in your gallery directory using ftp. ONLY DO THIS THE FIRST TIME you install Gallery or you'll overwrite your existing config file! YOU TYPE: put empty-file config.php YOU SEE: local: empty-file remote: config.php 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 'config.php'. 226 Transfer complete. YOU TYPE: put empty-file .htaccess YOU SEE: local: empty-file remote: config.php 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for '.htaccess'. 226 Transfer complete. At this point, you need to make both of these files writable. You can do this (in the gallery directory) chmod 777 .htaccess chmod 777 config.php chmod 755 setup Now you're all set to configure gallery so go to the Gallery web page. When you're done and it prompts you to make the gallery secure again, you need to change your permissions back again: chmod 644 config.php chmod 644 .htaccess chmod 0 setup That's all it takes! If you use CuteFTP or some other FTP program, you may need to hunt around a bit to find the CHMOD command. In CuteFTP, right-click the file you would like to CHMOD, slect "Change File Attributes", then enter the mode manually (ie. 755) in the "Manual" text box. If you can't figure it out, try asking your ISP or reading the documentation for your FTP client. 4. HOW DO I INSTALL GALLERY ON WINDOWS? Assuming, of course that you have Apache and PHP4 installed, installing and configuring Gallery on Windows is easy. Start up a command prompt, go to the gallery directory and run the "configure.bat" script: c:\> cd gallery c:\gallery> configure.bat Then go to the main Gallery URL and it will drop you into the configuration wizard. This will walk you through the process of configuring Gallery. When you're done, type: c:\gallery> secure.bat And it will turn off the configuration application. Gallery won't run unless it is in secure mode. 5. MY WEBSERVER DOESN'T HAVE NETPBM! HELP! AIEE! Many servers don't have NetPBM installed on them. Or if they do, they have an old version. Gallery has been tested with version 9.9 and up. Some older versions are missing a few critical components (like JPEG or PNG support). To solve this problem, we're making statically compiled binaries of NetPBM available on the Gallery website. I'd suggest that you first go through the Gallery config wizard and see if it complains about NetPBM. If it complains, you can hunt around on your machine to see if NetPBM is installed (it's quite often found in /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin or /usr/local/netpbm) and provide that path to the Gallery config wizard. If all that fails, you can download binary versions of NetPBM from the Gallery download page. The binaries are compiled statically so they have no dependencies. We don't yet have binaries for all systems, but we're working on it (in fact, if you have a system that isn't supported and would like to be of assistance, please contact us and we'll give you instructions on how to make what Gallery needs). The FreeBSD binaries *should* work on most/all flavors of FreeBSD for intel, and the Linux-RedHat binaries *should* work on most/all flavors of Linux for intel. However, they haven't been tested extensively. If you find that they don't work please let us know and we'll compile a version for the specific software/hardware flavor that you're running. Download and install these binaries somewhere on your system (it's perfectly find to upload them via FTP to a virtual server) and then tell Gallery where to find them in the config wizard. Don't forget to make these files executable! 6. HOW DO I CUSTOMIZE GALLERY? Documentation on this is a bit sketchy right now, sorry. Online context-sensitive help is on the way. But in the meantime, it'd be nice to change the way that Gallery looks and feels without having to hack PHP. There are two main ways that you can customize Gallery. First, you can change the theme by modifying its style sheets. In the "css" directory is a file called "standalone_style.css.default". Copy that to (in the "css" directory still) "standalone_style.css". Tweak this file to your heart's content. If you're running Gallery embedded inside Nuke, you'll want to tweak "embedded_style.css" instead. The other way is to customize the gallery header and footers. There are headers/footers for the main Gallery, for albums and for photos. In the "html_wrap" directory you can take any file that has ".default" and make a copy of it with the same name but without the ".default" at the end and modify it. If you come up with cool themes feel free to send them to me and I'll include them in the gallery package (or create a theme library of some kind). 7. HOW DO I USE GALLERY AS A PHP-NUKE 5.0+ / POST-NUKE MODULE? It's very easy to make Gallery work with PHP-Nuke 5.0+ or Post-Nuke. All you have to do is either move your Gallery directory into the modules directory under Nuke, or create a symlink, ie: % cd nuke/modules % ln -s /path/to/my/gallery gallery If you move your gallery, be sure to run through the config wizard to make sure that all your paths are correct. Now, you'll be able to get to your gallery directly via its new URL (ie, or from your Nuke site (ie -- then look for the "gallery" listing on the main menu). NOTE: If you want your module to be called something other than "gallery" (which especially occurs when you have multiple galleries on a single Nuke site) you can rename the directory or the symbolic link. Gallery will automatically detect the name change and Do The Right Thing. 8. I CAN'T UPLOAD LARGE FILES! PHP imposes a restriction on the size of a file upload. This may get in the way of uploading large zip files. To increase the limit, you can set the both the "upload_max_size" and "post_max_size" parameters in your system's php.ini to a large values (like "1000M" for 1000 megabytes). Gallery attempts to modify those values in the local .htaccess file, but not all servers are set up to pay attention to that file so you may have to do it by hand. Even so, there is a limit to the size of a file that PHP can handle, even if you remove this restriction. Users have reported having issues uploading files greater than 20MB. Your mileage may vary. 9. KNOWN PROBLEMS * You may experience issues on Win32 if you're using the .DLL version of PHP. Users have reported that the NetPBM commands do not function properly. (thanks to Kwan Skinner) * There are open bugs against every release of Gallery. We try to fix them as fast as we can. You can find (and add to) the bug list at: 10. HELP!! WHERE DO I GO FOR HELP? We're here to help you. We want you to get Gallery up and running. But do you know that Gallery has been installed on about 20,000 websites? Please stop and think for second about how much much email that generates before you fire off an email to us. The Gallery authors are just a couple of working joes with day jobs, we can't handle the kind of email volume that Gallery generates. Instead of emailing us directly, please use the help resources available on the web: We respond to each and every request for help when we get a chance. There are very few problems that we have not been able to work through. We *will* get you up and running. But, remember that every email we respond to robs us of time that we could be spending improving the quality of Gallery and adding new features. Speaking of quality and features, if you find a bug or want to suggest a feature, you can do that here: It's a good idea to check through these databases to see if the bug/feature that you're referring to is already in there.
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